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[?Education] Water Babies 横琴泡泡宝贝教育科技有限公司 

沃特宝贝源于英国,拥有15年品牌运营经验,是全球最大最专业的亲子游泳学校。沃特宝贝的主营业务由0-5岁亲子游泳课程, 水下摄影,游泳相关产品组成;每周在全球的7个国家教授50000名孩子。沃特宝贝的水下摄影每年拍摄至少10万张照片,提供像素最高,品质最好的摄影作品。沃特宝贝的所有产品均达到欧盟标准。



[?Legal Services] Wei Tu Law Firm 广东伟途律师事务所

Wei Tu is a PRC law firm based in Guangzhou. With a fully integrated and experienced professional teamand in-depth local knowledge, Wei Tu provides full legal services to clients from home and abroad. Wei Tu’s clients include banks, all types of enterprises,and individuals. Wei Tu and Stephenson Harwood (a law firm registered in HongKong) are in a CEPA association under the name “Stephenson Harwood – Wei Tu (China) Association”. 

Wei Tu’s core services include corporate, merger & acquisition, banking and finance, commercial litigation, marine and international trade, employment and labour and IP protection.

Contact 联系方式:

Guangzhou Head Office 广州办公室

Jiaying Li 李佳莹

Marketing and Communications Manager 市场及公关经理

Email 电子邮件:

Tel 联系电话: 020-8331 5013 ext. 606

Shenzhen Sub-Branch Office 深圳办公室

Lesley Li 黎喻

Shenzhen Office Manager 深圳分会经理

Email 电子邮件:

Tel 联系电话: 0755-8293 1586

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